Thanks for visiting EdCubberly.com. Take a tour through some of hockey's most famous masks as well as some very unique artistic pieces. Ranging from sports to fine sculpture to an iconic movie prop, there's something for everyone ... even something for expectant moms. So take your time, enjoy the galleries and come back soon.

Take Care,

Ed Cubberly

About Ed Cubberly

I am a full time RN in the operating room as well as a sculptor and artist. At my studio nestled in beautiful Frenchtown ,NJ, I create a variety of pieces ranging from goalie masks and pregnant belly casts to hand crafted sculptures in bronze and gold. I've been producing custom goalie masks since 1975 with 12 seasons of NHL clients from 1988 -2000.

In 1989, I designed and created the Hannibal Lecter mask worn by Anthony Hopkins in "The Silence of the Lambs"

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